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Groovy Links

Here are links to websites I’ve stumbled across on my various virtual travels, from poetry forums to useful info sites to any sites I think groovy. I will keep adding as I stumble. Please feel free to add a reciprocal link from your website to mine, but it’s certainly not required.

Poets Graves:


The place where I learned my trade, served my time. Where I’m still learning, but this is also a great website incorporating:

Where famous poets are buried; mini biographies; glossary of poetic terms; find classic poems and poets laureate; track down well known quotations about poetry.

It also includes one of the finest forums around for friendly and constructive poetic criticism. I’m biased, but having toured the forums over the years, this place really does have some of the most helpful, friendly and skilled “amateur” poets around. I have made many virtual friends on here.

When Church Yards Yawn:


An exploration of mid-20th Century horror paperbacks and assorted oddities…

The kind of Blog that Blogging was invented for! Quirky, interesting, and above all,  pretty cool.


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