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Too Choosy (and why I’ll be single forever)

Posted on Sep 28, 2016 in Poems

Too Choosy (and why I’ll be single forever)

Too shiny
Too polka dotty
Too work hard play hardy
Too old for her glasses

Too bloody loud
Too lost in the crowd
Too pissed and proud
Too Turin shroud

Too in my face
Too often at my place
Too far over there
Too Cherie Blair

Too too nice to talk to…

Too close
Too black (not a racial thing, just wouldn’t look right against my pasty skin)
Too elegant
Too elephant
Too picture taken in the basementy

Too Tijuana Brass
and the Fun Boy Three
Too much like me

Too rock’n’roll
Too south of Northern Soul

Too many broken parts
Too many martial arts
Too wit to woo

To you
To all the ones who turtled away

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